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I remember when I was in the third grade. My class watched the first four episodes (the only ones that existed at the time) IN CLASS, and read the text bubbles OUT LOUD, and our teacher didn't care at all. She was awesome for that!
But anyways, it's so good to be able to see them again, and on newgrounds (I believe we watched them on another site back then). But it's even better to see that you didn't stop at the fourth episode. Some of it seemed somewhat predictable, and the dialogue could've been done slightly better (I'm talking about typos, mostly). But it's still super fun and very nostalgic for me to watch! However, the writing isn't as amazing as I remembered it being, now that I have the chance to look back (and have had more experience with online animated series, and am now trying to make one myself).
All in all, I still find the series very enjoyable, and can't wait to see how it ends.
Thank you for the memories, the continuation, and the fun! :)

I LOVE this game! Still play it.

Looks kinda like a modernized Frankenstein story. I mean, as Edd said himself in the description, it's "what would happen if a creators demise is its own creation." It might just be a coincidence, but either way, it works perfectly with the story Edd's trying to tell here.
Keep in mind that this video was done way back in 2004, which was long before Edd's animation was just beginning. He still had a long way to go. However, for someone who was only getting started with animation, he did a VERY good job.
You did excellently, Edd, as always. You will never be forgotten.

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So sad yet so beautiful!
On March 1st, it will have been a year since my pitbull-boxer mix Ringo passed away. He was a true goober in every sense of the word. He loved everyone he met, and was never afraid to show it. He lived a happy life with my parents and I, and in March 20q6 we got him a little buddy, a Boston Terrier named Skipper. They were completely inseparable! Ringo started having seizures around May 2017, and had to be on meds since. He was never the same after that. He had one seemingly every month after that, and he started to act a lot differently after that. ANd on May 1st 2018, while my dad was in my house looking after him as well as doing work (and I was at the college), Ringo had one big seizure, got up, hobbled over to the front door, laid down, and passed away. He went far sooner than anyone expected (we all figured he's still be around until more like August, but no). He now is in our backyard, along with my very first dog, a boxer named Lucy (who passed of cancer on September 1st 2009).
The point of my story is that your having made this game about a dog's spirit looking after his family one last time before he ascends to Heaven really spoke to me. And the fact that you made it NOW was the absolute perfect timing for it. You've really hit close to home in a way that's both beautiful and bittersweet. Thank you so much! :')

My name is Andrew "Heath" Scott, one of the 2 founders of "The Brave & The Awesome", which has been on hiatus for 2 years due to multiple things happening at once behind the scenes. I'm an aspiring artist, musician, animator (sorta) and voice actor.

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